Hedgehog Cam
This page is a bit of a change for us, to say the least. In the summer of 2011 we bought a ‘Trap Camera’ which we set up in the back garden of “Adams Field”. This camera is triggered by passing wildlife and takes a photograph, or if so set, a video of the animal or bird concerned. Little did we realise exactly what goes on while we are asleep.

The current camera, by Bushnell, is mounted on the edge of some decking near the back of the house.

It is triggered by any movement that is detected by the curved sensor below the lens. Above the lens, covered by a homemade diffuser, is the infra-red ‘flash’.
As originally set up without a filter, the camera lighting after dark tended to be too bright in the centre of frame - the filter seems to cure this.

Photographs, or video if selected, are recorded on an SD card. The still pictures are time stamped for identification.
Since March 2012 we have concentrated solely on movies - each ‘clip’ being 60 seconds - and a sequence edited together showing highlights from each night. The previous camera is now placed in various locations around the garden, taking stills, to capture any other animals visiting at night.

Bushnell HD camera
There is a Diary which is updated on a regular basis when the hogs are active, but during hibernation, which ran from the end of October 2011 to late February, we showed only unusual pictures. The menu below will take you to either 2011, 2012, 2013 or 2014’s pictures - under 2011 you will find a selection of our very first attempts as well as all of the 2011 pictures and movies. Since September 2012 we also have Annette’s “Hog-Blog” with added information about each night’s sightings.